Indian Navy Saves Tanker From Flooding

Posted by Conor Ward

“On Wednesday evening, the 1993-built asphalt carrier Infinity 1 developed a crack in her hull and began flooding and listing in heavy weather 20 nm off the coast of Goa, India.

The Indian Navy vessel Trikand and Coast Guard cutter Amal arrived quickly on scene and provided a boarding party of four with high speed dewatering pumps. Aided by the pumps, the team managed to control the rate of flooding; the Infinity retained a list but her condition did not materially worsen. She anchored until early Thursday to await improved conditions, and on Thursday morning, the Trikand and two Coast Guard cutters attended her slow transit to Karwar for inspection.

The Infinity’s crew of 14 was bound from the UAE to Karwar at the time of the incident; she was bearing a cargo of 1800 tonnes of asphalt.

Investigation continues into the cause of the incident.

The Panama-flagged Infinity 1 (ex name Heng Hui) is a 3300 dwt asphalt / bitument tanker; she was owned by Wuhan Datong Industry until 2012, when she was sold to a Singaporean firm, then transferred last year to Prime Tankers of Dubai, UAE, according to Equasis.

Her entry shows that her classification under China Classification Society ended in 2013 when she transferred to class under a non-IACS society. She has no record of port state control detentions and no prior inspection deficiencies related to structural condition (inspectors in Vietnam did note concerns related SOLAS and hatch integrity last year).

Prime Tankers does not list her on its public fleet page. The firm did not immediately respond to a request for comment. ”



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