We are Brexit Ready!

The 31ST of December is fast approaching! We have been preparing for this eventuality by investing in the resources required to meet the operational challenges that may lay ahead.

Wells Cargo Logistics resources and tools in place;

  • Staff Trained for customs clearance
  • AEO Customs Simplification
  • ACP Bonded Warehouse in Operation

If you wish to appoint Wells Cargo Logistics Ltd as your Customs clearance agent to act as direct representative, please complete attached form which accompanies this document

Feel free to contact us with any queries you may have in relation to Customs Clearance to/from UK or any other Third Country.

For information on AEO and ACP please click on the following resources areas:



Whether a trade deal is concluded or not the impact on the flow of cargo may be significant and we wish to encourage everyone to prepare as well as possible in order to mitigate the likely impact.

As part of our on-going service development we have recently been awarded the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certified standard issued by Irish Customs & Excise along with Authorised Consignor/Consignee Premises (ACP) status allowing us to handle goods travelling to or coming from a third country (for more information on AEO / ACP please go to resource area links below). We can now offer our clients a more seamless customs clearance process as well as the physical handling and storage of consignments arriving in or departing from the EU. With the backdrop of BREXIT in mind, these developments in our service offering might be of interest to you.

Mandatory requirements for exporting / importing with United Kingdom from 1st January 2021.

  1. If you do not already have an EORI number, then register immediately. Go to  https://revenue.ie/en/online-services/services/common/register-for-an-eori-number.aspx
  2. If the UK exit without an agreement, then customs declarations will be required. In order to perform the declaration, at a minimum, a commercial invoice for the goods will be required. This invoice must show:
  • Full description of the goods, including their HS codes (Harmonisation Systems). The description should be clear to allow for the classification to be verified
  • Value of the goods
  • Origin of the goods
  • Terms of sale
  • Exporter & Importer EORI numbers
  • Number and types of packages
  • Nett and gross weights



  • An export declaration will be required
  • The Port will require proof that the declaration has been made prior to allowing the load into the terminal
  • The UK have decided that for the initial period there will not be a need to file a Safety & Security Declaration prior to shipment.
  • An import declaration may be required in the UK and this need to be checked with the customer in the UK prior to shipment.
  • If you are exporting to the UK, you should check with your customer now how they plan to manage the import declarations.


  • The shipper must supply at a minimum a commercial invoice with all the data mentioned in item 2.
  • An export declaration to meet UK customs requirements will be needed.
  • Also, a Safety & Security declaration will be required by Irish Customs prior to loading on board the ferry. Evidence that this has been created will be required by the ferry operator.
  • The Irish ‘Import Declaration’ will also have to be made prior to loading on the ferry and again evidence that this has been made by providing the ‘MRN’ will be required by the ferry operator prior to accessing the terminal.
  • The Irish Government are prepared to pass a bill to allow for Postponed Accounting for VAT in the event of a ‘No Deal’ BREXIT. This will mean that VAT can be treated on the customers VAT return and will not have to be paid at import.
  • Customs duties duewill have to be collected at the point of entry.

       6.SUMARISE: In order to prepare take the following minimal step

  • Obtain your EORI number
  • Get the EORI number of your supplier / Customer in the UK
  • Ensure your customer or supplier in the UK is preparing for customs clearance
  • Check you HS code for goods you are shipping or receiving. You can get help with this from INTERTRADEIRELAND: https://intertradeireland.com/brexit/tariff-checker/
  • Make sure your supplier can produce an invoice prior to shipment loading.

Check in case you may need a licence for import or export


Our Tom Thornton talking to Sound Cloud presenter Máirtín Breathnach about Wells Cargo Logistics preparations for BREXIT.

Tom takes us through what Irish traders need to do in preparation for 1st Jan 2021, as well as explaining what actions Wells Cargo Logistics have taken to help

our clients trade as smoothly as possible within the new trading regime to come.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here